Onecall for all your non-haz / hazardous waste away.

Site Services

Onecall for all your non-haz / hazardous waste away.

Here at Onecall Site Services we are excelling in the Hazardous and Non Hazardous waste markets and have recently negotiated preferential rates to work in partnership with the UK’s major treatment plants / landfills which in turn will ensure that we rival our competitors in offering great savings to you as a business.

At Onecall Site Services we are able to undertake all necessary soil investigation works on your behalf and with the resulting information assist your business with material management strategies, identification of hotspots, areas of further risk, inert materials and recoverable substrates. It is our sole focus to work with your business to ensure that offsite disposal of material is minimalized and that all deleterious or unsuitable waste leaving your site does so at the correct UKAS and Environment Agency classification’s. We also offer a validation service for your site upon completion of the works which can mitigate any overlap and subsequent onerous expenditure on compiling reports and substantiation of the works by 3rd party remediation engineers.

Why work with Onecall Site Services?

We employ knowledgeable and competent staff specialising in brownfield sites and their subsequent remediation thus ensuring that you get the peace of mind that all your contaminated waste is managed correctly with all the relevant legislative constraints being obeyed and all subsequent documentation being provided in a compliant format. In short, Onecall Site Services offer a wealth of expertise which rivals most in house remediation and haulage departments which allows our clients to take on projects with contamination issues in the peace mind that they have a service provider who can manage the works from start to finish or simply assist along the way.

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